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Drop-Off Process
  Online Process
Step 1

Drop your item off at a local Instant Auctions.
If you have an Instant Auctions store nearby, you can simply take your item into the store and drop it off to be auctioned off on eBay. Click here to see our store locations. If you do not have store nearby, please see the Online Process below.

Step 1

Fill out and print a form online describing your item.
Click on 'Sell Your Item' above or log into your account to access the form. After filling out some information about the item, our website will create a form for you to print out and mail with your item to us.

Step 2

Give us a brief description about your item.
Our experienced staff will enter your item into our system and may ask you to help with any key points about the item that you'd like to put in the eBay listing. After that, you'll receive a receipt for your item and then it will move back to photography and auction listing! You can watch your item be auctioned off on eBay by logging into your account on InstantAuctions.net.

Step 2

Drop your item off at any The UPS Store nationwide.
Take your package to any of the 4,200 The UPS Stores and drop it off to be shipped to us - click here to find the nearest location. We will cover the shipping charges to us, but you will be responsible for any packaging. Tell them to send it to "Instant Auctions Corporate Accounts". If you need our address, it is:

Instant Auctions
441 Southland Drive
Lexington, KY 40503

Step 3

We sell your item on eBay for you.
Once we receive your item, we will write up a description that describes the item in great detail, take high-quality digital photographs of it, then create a listing on eBay for your item. Once the auction has ended, we will take care of all payment processing and shipping of the item (and returns if necessary).

Step 4

We send you a check in the mail.
Instant Auctions will send you a check in the mail between 15-30 days after your auction has ended. The amount of the check will be the selling amount minus all fees (including ours and eBay's).

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