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Fee Structure

All items shipped to and listed by Instant Auctions will be provided with the following services:
  • A very detailed description of your item will be written up to ensure the listing includes all important information on your item

  • High quality digital photographs will be taken of your item from different angles and a Gallery picture will be listed to make your auction stand out

  • We will answer any and all questions asked about your item from perspective bidders

  • Payment will be processed and handled by us to ensure you receive your money in a timely fashion

Compared to our main competitors, Instant Auctions not only gets you the most for your item, but we have a higher return for our customers!

For these services, our fee structure is:

  • 28% if the sale price is between $0 - $499.99

  • 23% if the sale price is between $500 - $999.99

  • 18% if the sale price is $1,000+

Unlike other trading assistants, we DO NOT charge a progressive fee. This means our commission is a flat rate based on the final sale price.

Instant Auctions charges a minimum of $7.99 for each item that sells, so it is in your best interest to sell items that are worth more than $25.

eBay also charges a progressive fee (plus $.70 listing fee):

  • 8.75% of the first $25

  • 3.25% of the next $975 ($25.01-$1000)

  • 1.5% of anything over $1000 ($1000.01+)

A transaction fee of 2.9% + 0.30 will also be assessed.

For the sale of vehicles (eBay Listing Fee of $99):

  • 10% if the sale price is between $0 - $9,999.99

  • 7% if the sale price is between $10,000 - $29,999.99

  • 5% if the sale price is $30,000+

  • No other eBay or PayPal fees apply to vehicles.
Please keep in mind that if your item does not sell, you will be contacted and it can be returned to you if you agree to pay the return shipping charges.

Also, we do accept returns on items, but only if the item differs from the description. In this instance, it will have no affect on your account.

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